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This blog details my experiences in teaching as well as being an ALT from a developing country working and living in Japan. This blog also contains free lesson plans on a variety of topics for a variety of grade levels. You are free to use and adjust them as you wish.

Please do not ask me to create a lesson plan for you. The lesson plans posted here are those I have personally taught to the indicated grade level. I have done my own adjustments to warrant publishing them on the internet.

The reason behind this endeavor is to provide a free resource for teachers of ESL, EFL, Language and/or Literature.

Take me to the free lesson plans! @ [community profile] teachingbybugi

Before you read, comment or use any of the sources in this blog, please be mindful of your own objectives, context, and teaching principles. My opinions, approaches to teaching, and lesson plans are influenced by my experiences, my context, the circumstances with which I grew up in, and my educational beliefs (to know what those are, see the Introduction post).

In case you may find some content or opinions on this blog strong, disagreeable or not applicable to you, I humbly request you to understand my context in relation to yours before deciding to engage in respectful discourse. I have a pretty solid set of teaching principles, but I strive to be open-minded, and acknowledge that I have so much more to learn as a teacher.

Be respectful to myself and anyone else engaging with this blog, and you will be treated the same.

Thank you and happy browsing!
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